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Routine Maintenance Service

The best way to stay on top of all your pond's needs is with our maintenance service. A pond is a living ecosystem. In order to guarantee that it looks good at all times it has to be looked after on a regular basis and adjustments to external factors has to be made.


This is extra important when it comes to koi ponds due to the sensitive nature of the fish. Events that can harm your fish are algae blooms, pH crashes and build up of nitrites and ammonia in the water, all of which can be avoided through proper pond care. A typical maintenance visit includes: filter cleaning, netting of pond, trimming of plants, testing water chemistry and checking fish health.  

Deep Clean

If your pond has not been properly maintained for a longer period of time, a deep clean of your pond might be required. This is done in order to give it a fresh start so that it can be properly maintained moving forward.


A deep clean usually involves draining the pond completely and getting out excess muck and debris from the bottom. If there are fish in the pond they will be taken out and put in a temporary storage tank while the cleaning is being performed. Even though a deep cleaning can be very disruptive to the pond ecology it is sometimes the only way to get your pond back on track. A deep cleaning will also help us get a good idea of any structural flaws your pond might be experiencing. Addressing these flaws can improve how your pond is doing moving forward. 

Installation Services

We have years of experience working with many different ponds and systems. We can replace, repair and upgrade your pond equipment. Making sure all of the components of your pond are working correctly is key to keeping your pond clean. A system working in harmony will lead to a cleaner looking pond and your pond can go longer between maintenances. 

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